If you have already decided which wedding cake flavor or style to choose, the next dilemma is the size. What size is right for your expected number of guests? It’s not practical to buy a very big cake for just a handful of guests, although it’s important to have enough cake slices to go around.

So it’s going to be quite a difficult choice. You have to consider some key factors prior to making that final decision. That’s the only way you can determine the right size of cake to order from the most qualified wedding cake makers Brisbane.

How to Choose Wedding Cake Size

Two of the most important factors to consider are the number of people who will come to your wedding and how big the slices should be. It’s best that you consult with cake makers who have a lot of experience with weddings so they can provide you with a good size estimate.

But then again, there’s really no definite answer to that question, especially you can never determine some variables. For one thing, you’ll have guests who want a second slice. Plus the kids would want a bigger share. It all boils down to being prepared for these eventualities.

Understanding How Cakes Are Measured

It’s difficult to decide on size if you don’t really know how cake makers measure their cake. While it’s true that cake makers follow their own standards when it comes to tier sizes, one thing’s for sure. They all use inches when measuring cakes.

So if you see a cake that says it measures 6x9x12, then it means that it is a cake with three tiers because of the three numbers. The topmost tier measures 6 inches in radius. The second layer measures 9 inches, and the third measures 12 inches. As for the height of each tier, three inches is the average. It means there are vendors who can go lower or higher than that number.

What Size Should I Order?

Since you already know the approximate size of the wedding cake given its dimensions, the next thing to ask is that total serving of the cake. A cake-sized 6x9x12 with a thickness of 3 inches has a total of 200 services, provided that each serving is as finger-size.

Of course, you can always customize the size of your cake. You can as the cake maker to bake you a much bigger or smaller three-tier cake that would serve all of your guests. The best way to do it is to give the cake maker a good estimate of your guests and your preferred serving portions.

Choosing the Right Cake

When asking for a customized cake, the idea is to make the tiers higher and narrower. The higher the cake is, the better it looks. It will also create a better wow factor instead of low and fat cakes. It’s just the look and height but the number of serving will just be the same.

For example, a two-layer cake that is sized 7×10 can have about 140 finger-size servings. One finger-size serving is usually sufficient. But if your guests are known to be cake lovers, you may opt for two finger-size servings.